Looking through a different lens

I took a trip to Calgary last June where I spent an entire week hiking with my cousin Christina. Christina is an outdoors woman extraordinaire and an incredibly talented photographer who allowed me to tag along on a photo shoot. It opened my eyes up to a whole new way of looking at things for which I am eternally grateful. She probably has no idea, but she taught me that by changing a camera lens you can look at a subject with entirely new eyes. It watched as she coached her subject, transforming him from a man who was nervous in front of a camera, into a very confident and powerful owner of an airline. Looking at her photos after it struck me that by changing his mind-set his confidence and power just flowed from him like water. I was a beautiful thing to watch.

I had purchased a macro lens for my iPhone and decided to take what I learned and experiment with it. The goal was to see what would happen if I found a subject that was ugly, annoying and just a plague to humanity, and photographed it with a different lens. Could I make it Beautiful?

I chose a fly.

Let me tell you this, it is incredibly difficult to photograph a fly. They are pretty skittish creatures. However after countless attempts I finally succeeded and this was the result.

My challenge to you is to pick something you find distasteful, annoying or disgusting and look at it through a different lens. See if you can find the beauty.

I’d love to hear about your findings and experiences so please leave me a comment on this post or on my Social media pages and let me know how this little experiment turned out.

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