Unhappiness = Happiness

The challenge that threatened to undo you in may become one of your fondest memories. Let me explain. Six weeks ago my  two running buddies and I began participation in a trail running group. I felt the decision was a no brainer, trails are lovely, I figured running in the woods had to be more fun than on the road, and the opportunity to meet other like-minded people was absolutely irresistible to me. So for five weeks we trained in preparation for a big race on the sixth week. We learned how to maneuver natural obstacles, navigate with a map and compass, hydrate and replenish nutrients, run up hills, run down hills, run around hills, how to keep the bugs away and how to be ok with all the mud. The temptation to throw our running shoes into the ring and declare that the trail has won had crossed several minds. I’m sure more than a few of us lost sight of the bigger picture and forgot why we are running to begin with. Trail running is a massive challenge to the body, mind and the spirit. However, the views are breath-taking. There were moments where our legs burned, we were muddied, scraped and bruised, yet we were standing on the top of a hill looking out at the most amazing scenery with absurdly large grins on our faces. Our confidence built and brains full of so much knowledge about our chosen sport. We had fallen in love with the run! The rest of it just seemed to melt from out memories and became unimportant. On race day we powered through an incredibly difficult trail full of steep hills, and natural obstacles. As we crosses the finish line however, the three of us were holding hands. Finishing together what we had started. The memory of that race and how we finished will stay with me for a life time and become one of my fondest.

Life is often like this. There are times where we have to climb over, push through and endure incredibly difficult challenges. They can often seemed unrelenting and all-encompassing. As we claw and fight our way through life’s challenges we often lose sight of our end goal. When the challenge has been conquered and we have become the victor, even if just for a little while, those challenges seem to melt into the back ground. Oh, we learn from them and build confidence in our ability to handle life, both incredibly important things. Through of the pain of hardship and fight, we realize that the journey really is the most important part. It makes us appreciate our success. Without challenge and hardship our success will be empty.

To lead a Life Enchanted is not to have all good things handed to us on a silver spoon. A life Enchanted is riddled with stories of overcoming. That is what makes it sweet! How are we to know what it means to be happy is we never experience moments of unhappiness.

Sheila and Dave, you are amazing!

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Have a great week people!

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