Lessons from Dogs

There is so much value in utilizing life coaches and mentors. They help us to figure our shit out so that we can lead full and productive lives. When is comes to understanding joy and enchantment in life, there is absolutely no better teacher than  a dog. I have the honour of hanging out with my fur nephew every now and then and I have also been blessed to have an amazing fur baby manage and control the day to day operations in my own home. In fact I’ve had many canine tutors throughout my life and I can tell you this, I have been schooled!

Here are some of the things I have learned from our furry companions:

    • Always greet people with a butt wiggle and a smile. It lets them know you are happy to see them and you may get treats.
    • Be unapologetic about your love of food. Joy is food, happiness is food sometimes, when you make sad eyes, love is food.
    • Play! A lot. After all you just ate all that food! Its fun, relieves stress and help you to bond with your people.
    • Speaking of people, if you find someone you love and who loves you back, you are very lucky. Be good to your people, be loyal and always have their back.
    • Sleep enough! After all the play and food you’ll need it. People who receive adequate sleep tend to be a healthier weight, more focused and happier. Now, aside from the weight comment, I’m not making this statement based on any sort of scientific study or information, this is just a general observation, but I think it’s entirely sound.
    • If you fart, look disgustedly at the person closest to you and vacate the area. They will be absolutely certain the offensive smell is theirs.
    • Find fun in the simplest of things. Money is never necessary for this, you only need to lie in the sun, go for a walk, smell a few things (maybe, just the flowers and food trucks flowers), make a few new friends or beg for a belly rub. The sweetest and most enjoyable things in life are free.

So people, my challenge to you this weekend is to grab your fur baby, or borrow if you don’t have one, or watch youtube videos of fur babies if all else fails. Spent the weekend acknowledging what amazing teachers they are and learn how to live a life of joy from them.

Leave me a message on any one my social media pages or comment on this post. Let me know how it went and what you learned.

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I would also love to hear from you if your have any thought or comments. I can take brutal honesty so don’t be shy.

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. So very true, dogs are friends that never question you,always love you and don’t care if you take them out in your PJ,s or a three piece suit.


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