Reflecting on change

Hi All,

I wanted to expand a bit on my Change Challenge post and make Friday’s challenge an extension of it. More specifically seeing change as a positive thing as opposed to a negative. This weekend I want you to choose a change event that you really struggled with. One that turned your world upside down and inside out. An event that has been resolved to its full completion. I want you to look at the outcome of that change event and reflect on the impact it has had on your life. Don't focus on the journey but on the result. Write those impacts down. Don’t put a positive filter on the impacts just be honest with your self.

Were there positive impacts? Wonderful, how amazingly fortunate that the change occurred. Change propels us out of out comfort zones and those positive impacts, when reflected upon, can help us to become comfortable with the process of change. Celebrate those positive impacts as the amazing wins that they are.

Were there Negative Impacts? Great! There are learning and growth opportunities there for you. If you are able to problem solve those aspects of change that you see as negative you have developed some resiliency and skills. I get that the negative aspects of change are scary and often suck. They can definitely impact your life style, but they also have the potential for growth. Looking at it from that point of view can help you to become confident in your ability to handle the change you are facing. Pinpoint a few areas where there is potential for personal growth and pick one or two to focus on. When we continue to grow we continue to improve our lives.

Change is never easy and is uncomfortable even for those who seem to manage it like a pro, but with a big picture lens on the many ways change can be beneficial, it can be exciting and so much fun. Yes, there is potential for things to go wrong but there is equal if not greater potential for the result of the change event to turn out amazingly! It just takes a little reprogramming of your self talk and perspective and you will find that you have everything you need to manage a change challenge like a super star!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Kim, you really don’t know the real me as yet. I love challenges and changes. We are only here for a short time..we must not be afraid to do things or go places or make changes on the spur of the moment. Love your intense way of thinking. Good for you.


  2. Life is all about change. If you are not able to cope with change in the workplace you will get left behind. If you can not change as your children grow you stand a chance of distancing yourself from your children. If you do not change spiritually you miss out on all that life has to offer. Open your heart and soul to change and the world becomes a much better place to live in.


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