Hi All,

I took this definition out of the Mirriam Webster dictionary and it sums up what I want to talk about so perfectly.

Authenticity is;

:  true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character is sincere and authentic with no pretensions

There is nothing more refreshing than spending time with someone who is absolutely authentic. You know what they stand for, what their values are and you always know what they think of you. Authenticity is such a personal subject that I struggled with how to express my thoughts in this post without coming across as preachy.  One of the keys to happiness, in my opinion, is being true to yourself. It is absolutely exhausting trying to keep up with the person you believe others want you to be, and at times it can feel that you don’t really know yourself at all. How is it possible to be happy with your life if you are living your life for someone else? Understanding who you are, your preferences and the values you hold dear can present opportunities that you never dreamed you would be available to you.

So how do you find your authentic self if you’ve buried her deep down inside of you. Here are ten things you can do;

  1. Evaluate what is important to you, what would you be absolutely devastated about if it were suddenly absent in your life?
  2. Examine your reactions to the News stories of all types, what fuels you into action, makes you laugh, makes you cry. What makes you want to curl up in a corner to make it disappear. What makes you want to sing from the roof tops.
  3. What helps you to relax and unwind? Try some meditation, physical activity or a hobby. See what speaks to you.
  4. Choose a taboo subject matter and weigh the pros and cons. Where do you fall, are you more pro, con or a little bit of both.
  5. Examine your wardrobe, are there article of clothing that make you happier than others, are there some pieces that you keep avoiding? Get rid of them.
  6. What do you love the most about your significant other, bestie, parent, dog or someone else you love? Can you see those qualities in yourself?
  7. Are you seeking approval from people? Stop it! You only have yourself to answer to.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to other people, their success stories, career paths, relationships, life goals , etc., they are different from yours. Live your own life!
  9. Look at your relationships, evaluate wether they are deep connections or superficial ones. Are there connections you need to put work into or possibly let go of. In  my early twenties I was involves with a group of incredibly superficial and self centred people, to be true to my self and let go of the negativity I had to cut ties with all of them.
  10. Technology can be an incredible tool but it can also allow us to hide our authentic self. Disconnect and be present in your relationships and experiences. Try to emerge yourself in your life.

This is not an exhausted list or how to guide for embracing your authentic self but some ideas of ways you can rediscover who you are. Have fun with it and let it challenge you.

If you want to research this topic more deeply here are a few other articles that I really enjoyed on the subject:

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Have an amazing weekend!


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