Take Your Authentic self on a play date!

Hi all,

On Tuesday I posted some ways to rediscover your authentic self. This weekend’s challenge is simple and fun.

When we were children we were the most authentic version of ourselves. We played games that entertained us, had interests in the strangest things, I never could figure out why my dog’s poop turn green in the sun, became frustrated when things didn’t go our way. We absolutely had a strong opinion about the food we loved to eat.

This weekend think about something you loved to do as a child and make a play date with your self to do that thing. Reconnect with you authenticity!

Thats it! Short and sweet. Enjoy!

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I would also love to hear from you if your have any thought or comments. I can take brutal honesty so don’t be shy.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Loved to swim as a child…and did exactly that this past week. Didn’t want to go in the lake because I thought it would be cold but got on my suit and walked right in. The water was warm and I swam around on a noodle for one hour. What fun….old childhood memories.


    1. I absolutely love that you had that experience! It’s amazing how much fun favourite childhood activities can be! Thanks for sharing, it makes me smile to know you enjoyed yourself.


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