Kick Your Ass into Action Part 2; Goal setting

In last week’s challenge, I asked you to Identify your needs and what action steps were required to make it happen. That important work provided you with the ground work goal setting, and this is my Friday challenge to you.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

Goal setting is an art form! How a goal is defined can make or break your success. This is a skill that I’ve learned and mastered during my 20+ years of support planning for my clients and lucky you, I’ll share my the formula right here and now.

Clearly defined ideal+ qualitative measurement of success + quantitative measurement of success – the fluff = successful goal.

The Ideal is what you want to accomplish, it can be as big or as little as you want it to be. Don’t worry about how you will get there or even if it’s possible, right now the only thing you need to define is what you want. The Qualitative measure is the quality of the goal. Accomplishing the ideal is useless if the goal is poor quality. This can be the quality of interaction, lifestyle change, or how a thing is determined to be counted. The quantitative measure is usually a number or date. It’s a measurement that tells you that you’ve succeeded?

Let me give you an example of a poorly crafted goal;

I will get lots and lots of warm fuzzy comments for my blog posts.  (hint, hint)

First of all what does lots and lots mean? And, What are warm fuzzies anyway? This is the best way to fail at a goal. You don’t know what needs to happen and by when so the goal is easily pushed aside and forgotten. Be as specific as possible.

This is how that goal can be artfully crafted into something that is really workable;

By September 30, 2017, I will receive 100 likes and 50  comments, at least 40 of which are positive, on my blog posts.

This goal defines the number of likes and comments as well as the timeframe for completion (quantitative), a definition of the types of comments (qualitative), and the goal is clearly defined with no room for debate. This gives you laser focus as to what you want to accomplish, with a cut off point. Deadlines, by the way, really do motivate!

I created a worksheet that should help you work through the goal making process with an example as to how the worksheet is used; self-care-set-goals. You will need the work you did on Identifying needs to complete the goals, that worksheet is also available here Self care Identify Needs.

You’ll notice that these two worksheets are building up to something bigger. Next week I’ll help you put a plan together and take action.

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