Kick your own ass into action Pert 4; Do the work!

If you have followed the past three blog posts in my four part Kick your own ass series, you would have Identified areas of your life you would like to change, Set goals for those changes and Made a plan to accomplish those goals. What could possibly be left? Simple, do the work! It’s both easy and challenging, especially if the goal is a big one. The following are the components of “Doing”


The simple act of planning to make something amazing in your life happen will often be a motivating factor in it’s self, ride that momentum Train and review that plan. Mentally experience the results of that goal, see it, feel it, touch and taste it. Now, do that very first task in your first action item. Scrounging up the motivation to get your butt in gear is like working a muscle. The more you practice the easier it is. Once you take that first step, it will feel amazing! So, why not do another, and another. The next thing you know that first action item will be complete and you will be well under way on your journey to completing that goal.


Writing down your goal progress, set backs, how you tweak and your general thoughts and emotions about your plan will help you to unpack and process the work you are doing. Your progress will encourage you during those inevitable times that you are discouraged about setbacks, or you are not feeling you are progressing quickly enough. That feeling of lack of progress is a demon monkey that constantly sits on my back chattering in my ear. By looking back on my successes I am reminded that I am moving forward at the exact rate I need to move in order to handle the changes that working my plan will make. Journalling how you manage your setbacks can give you a toolbox full of action plans for when the next set back occurs. Record all your tweaks. As you move ahead with your plan, that information will be vital for a smooth transition into your “plan B”. The unpacking and processing of emotions will keep you sane during the process. Your journal is a willing ear for every emotion that pops up, and lets face it, there will be a lot of them. Nothing is a bigger motivation killer than misplacing or needing to locate vital information, journaling and keeping a back up of your journal will give you security. If you paper journal there are several haps that will allow you to store photo backups. My favourite is Evernote. You are on a path to change and you better your life every time you make a goal and work the plan to achieve it. This is your life and you are purposely putting it into a state of flux. It’s not easy even for someone like myself who loves change, if you are someone who avoids change the need for journaling your emotions and thoughts are even more important.


It may not be realistic to take yourself on a spa date every time you complete an action item, however a good happy dance is an amazing way to celebrate. My suggestion is that you find something that is unabashedly fun and do that every time you complete an action item. Now because I don’t have a tool to help you do the work, this part is totally on you, I’m going to give you my top 10 Happy Dance songs. These songs have catchy beats that make it impossible not to dance to.

Kim’s Happy Dance Song List

Tusk – Fleetwood Mac

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars)

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

Truth about Love – Pink

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Shape of you – Ed Sheeran

Another one bites the dust – Queen

If I should fall from grace with God – The Pogues

Fish in the jailhouse – Tom Waiter

Wake me up – Wham

Have fun and Dance your heart out. You have everything you need to crush this goal inside of you and I have faith that you will be amazing!

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