6 Ways to refocus when your excuses throws you off course

This post is so timely as I’ve recently had life get in the way of my vision and focus for this blog. The goal I had when creating it was to have an outlet for positive messages that would also become a platform for helping others plan and achieve their life’s goals. I had set a work schedule for A Life Enchanted that was impossible to maintain while working full time. The result was a lot of headaches, literally, and feeling burnt out after only a few months. Then life happened. An event in my personal life came to a conclusion a couple of years before I had anticipated, and while this was a wonderful thing for which I’m grateful, it caused my mind and body to push against the work I wanted to accomplish with this blog. I started to doubt everything about it. I doubted the validity of my “why,” the belief in my ability to maintain it and I even questioned my desire to write. Why was this happening? Well, that was the $100,00 question. I’d barely started and I was at a standstill with my mind and my beliefs. Apparently this is not surprising, all entrepreneurs go through this at some point.

Well people, synchronicity is an amazing thing. Just as I was questioning this journey I was on a little gem of a podcast smacked me in the face. I’ve already linked it to my Facebook page, so there is a good possibility you’ve listened to it. If not here is the link.


I loved this little podcast because it spoke to this exact situation and gave me a powerful exercise to help me break through these destructive thoughts.

Lori had suggested that I list the justifications I’ve been making for not making my blog a success, write those reasons down, see them as excuses and then come up with a plan for dealing with those thoughts. Through the process, which only took 20 minutes I realized that a lot of my excuses stemmed from watching my father build and work his business when I was a kid. There were aspects of his business style that I never wanted for myself yet started to recognize over the past few months, and that threw up a massive brick wall of a barrier for me! The recognition of this fuelled me into action planning with the enthusiasm of a young girl kissing her first teenaged crush. Just like that I was back on the band wagon and ready to write. So here I am, sharing some thought with you about how to get your ass back in gear after making excuses for not following your dreams.

Six ways to get past your brain’s trickery and squash the excuses why you won’t succeed;

  1. Do what Lori says. Write out the justifications and turn them into an action plan for focusing your energies. This was absolutely eye opening for me. I realized that there were personal care and relationship barriers that were preventing me from moving ahead. I needed schedule time to meet those needs so that I can work without the distraction of wishing I was doing something else. That brings me to number 2;
  2. Reassess your priorities. Who or what is important in your life and what is your nonnegotiable. For me the people in my life take priority. I have a very large and very close family who I need to see on a regular basis to be happy, I have a guy and the family he brings into the picture that I want to spend all my spare time with, and I have a circle of amazing friends who are as busy as I am and need to schedule weeks in advance to connect with. They are my priorities, however I have bills to pay and a passion for writing/organizing and self help that I want to explore. These are my competing priorities. Any of the other little things that clog up my time like negativity, mindless activity and time wasters need to be pushed aside.
  3. Reassess your schedule and plan. One of the things I missed and neglected was my Netflix binge time. I am not an advocate for endless hours of watching TV but I do love to unwind at the end of the week with a good popcorn eating, wine drinking guilty pleasure filled binge fest. I realized that I need an evening to do this to reward myself for the business that is my life. I work out five days a week, work a full-time job, have a new relationship, sit on a provincial union committee and blog. When I look at all the balls I’m juggling, it’s not surprising that I desperately need time to decompress. Thank you Netflix!
  4. Take time every day to take care of you. We all need daily self care over and above feeding and watering. Sleep is so important, make sure to get 7-8 hours. Never neglect your personal grooming. If you are distracted by your own body odour or the length of the hair on your legs, you will never be productive and motivated. Move, workouts and movement wakes up your brain and make it work! Take a walk, jog or be a gym rat for a half hour. You don’t need to spend hours being active, just make it consistent.
  5. Remember your why. What is the reason you chose your goal? Write it down and post it somewhere that will let you see it every day. Make a vision board, Pintrest Board, tattoo it on your favourite person’s forehead! What ever it takes to keep that goal in the forefront of your mind. My why for A Life Enchanted is three fold. There is so much negativity in this world that I want an area of the web dedicated to only positive messages, I want to help others plan for and reach their life’s goals and personal potential and I want to retire at 55.
  6. Reassess your expectations. If you are a type A personality like I am you have expectations for your self that even two people trying to accomplish would fail. I frequently and regularly need to reassess my expectations to ensure I’m not overextending my focus and energy. For years I was a yes person, never turning down opportunity or work. I love to challenge myself and be busy, so I always felt I could do more than was possible, resulting in a lot of anxiety and frequent bouts of near burnout. I even made it to the burnout stage twice. After the second time I vowed to be accountable to myself and my needs to ensure it never happened again. I think that subconsciously this is when my lack of motivation and drive kick in and that is a warning sign that I need to reassess how I’ve structured my time and energies.

Chin up Butter cup! You can break through those mental blocks, fix your schedule and realign your priorities and it will probably only take you 30 minutes to do. Just work through the six things I gave you above and  get your butt back in gear. Don’t procrastinate on this. Do it before you go to bed tonight! Let me know how it goes.

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