Lif is Good; A Book Report

Life is good! It really is amazing!

I recently finished the book “Life is good” by Bert and John Jacobs and I had to share it with you! This book is like candy for the mind, full of warm fuzzies, great music playlists (I’ve downloaded them all to my iPhone), interesting and fresh perspectives, a bunch of great graphics and a ton of ah ha moments.

The book was written by the founders of the Life Is Good company and takes you on a journey through the story of their company’s origins, philosophy, outreach and business practices . These guys really did cut their own path to success. They talk about ten “superpowers” that can improve anyones perspective on life and change the way we navigate our own world. These “superpowers” are openness, courage, simplicity, humour, gratitude, fun, compassion, creativity, authenticity and love. They offer you simple little things you can do to make your world a better, more enjoyable place to be in. Anyone who has read my blog posts know, that I am all about that!

So I want to talk about my experience reading this book a little. There is no surprise to anyone who intimately knows me, that Fun is my favourite “superpower” followed closely by authenticity. The fun play list is perhaps my go to for my spontaneous dance parties and cleaning sessions. I love anything fun and will accept any invitation that promises a good time, so this “ superpower” spoke directly to my heart. I believe that even once we reach adulthood we need to play in order to maintain perspective on what is important in life. As adults we tend to get so bogged down in our responsibilities, work, raising families and trying to fit in ways to better our situation that we forget to celebrate our accomplishments. There is nothing better than planning our own little play date to decompress, gain perspective and celebrate. Now I want to be clear, a play date does not mean “me time” what I’m talking about here, is fun! Wether you play with your kids, spouse, friends or family, make sure it is fun for all. This isn’t a chore it’s a celebration of your life! In addition to play time I look for fun every single day, I’m very lucky to work in a career that is constantly entertaining me. I have an amazing team of co workers and a clientele that often has me in stitches. That’s not to say however there aren’t a few bad days every now and then. Those days, I need to actively seek out something fun to balance the stress of the day. For me physical movement of some type makes me instantly cheerful so I have a tendency to spontaneously break out in dance.

I also love the “superpower” Authenticity. I’ve written about this before and it is something that I have unapologetically valued and practiced in my own life. Listen, we all have quirks. They are cute and interesting. Embrace them, embrace your true self! It is so much easier and less stressful to just be yourself instead of trying to be what you think others want you to be. I’m a bit fanatical and quirky about my diet. Because I manage a nervous system disorder I’m constantly looking for ways to decrease the inflammation and neurostimulants in my body. This will take the form of long periods of extreme dietary changes. I’ve done vegetarian, clean eating, no shade veggies, no dairy… you name it. I’m not done either I’ve recently embraced a plant based diet and I’m having amazing results with it. I also know that there will be a point where my dietary efforts will slide. This is a quirk of mine that the people close to me, God love them all, has come to recognize and respect. It’s me and it’s my journey, and they get that. There is something in all of us that makes us authentic and real, seek to embrace it.

Courage challenged me the most. I have a tendency for self doubt that will allow me go only as far as to start working on a dream, but not to see it to fruition. I’m working very hard to over come this and this blog is my instrument for that work. You see, I’ve had several periods where I feel like I’m only going through the motions without getting anywhere and that is leading to self doubt. When I am faced with opportunities that I know will require me to see them through and call for accountability, I struggle. I’ve decided that I’ll allow this to occur no more! I’ll continue to struggle with it, I have no doubt of that, but I have a plan to get me moving again.

This book has become one of the inspirations for starting this little blog of mine. I realized that, like the Life is Good guys, I just want to spread a little joy and happiness in life. So my challenge to you is to check out this book, see if it speaks to you. You may find its fun and quirky style is just what you need to lighten your mood these days.

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