Who am I?

Life is amazing! It’s wonderful! Life is Enchanted! Experience had taught me that the way I look at life totally transforms the way I experience it. I believe that the key to leading a life that makes you want to get out of bed and do the happy dance every morning, is inside of you!  I want to help others reach inside themselves and create a life that they are enchanted with!

Hi, I’m Kim,

I am an overly excitable, adventurous, fun loving gal who has many flaw and a fairly serious chocolate addiction. Wait! Did someone say chocolate! By trade I am a Developmental Service Worker, which is a very official title that simply means that I support people with Developmental Disabilities navigate life. My 20+ years experience has taught me so much about how to navigate all that life throws at you and how to be happy with it. I’ve had some amazing teachers help me along the way.

I love my people, all animals (except on occasion cats) and trying new things. I’m also leading what I consider to be a fairly Enchanted life. It wasn’t always that way though. I’ve had challenges, dark times and some pretty big scares. I was at my darkest in my mid twenties when I made a critical decision, I was going to change my mind set and choose to live life on my own terms. I was going to live an enchanted life!

So what does an enchanted life mean to me? It means maneuvering through life’s difficulties with gratitude, joy an openness to opportunity. It’s celebrating all successes, big and small. It’s finding strength and competence within my self to look life in the face and give it a big ole’ hug.  As I was creating my enchantment with life I found that opportunities for joy unfolded in front of me as if by magic and I became happy. Blissfully happy! I’ve faced challenges, potentially devastating scenarios and a chronic illness, but I am happy!

My enchanted life means that no matter what was thrown at me and how stressful life became, magically everything turned out in the best possible way.

I created a personal motto when I was at my worst and that motto drives every decision I make, every attitude I have and every relationship I build.

That motto is “When I am 90, and I look back on my life, I want to know that I lived it well”

There is so much more to my story and if you are interested, I invite you to explore my blog posts. I am going to be brutally open with you because I want you to understand that you alone have the power to make yourself happy. No matter what life throws at you.

I promise you that life is magical if you are open to it. I’d love to help you to see the enchantment in your life too.


Here are a few of my best posts to date;

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