Declutter challenge

Remember the ice bucket challenge? It was a simple challenge for ALS that went viral and raised a tonn of money. We’ll I’d like this declutter challenge to go viral as well so I need everyone’s help!

The purpose of this challenge is two fold; To declutter your home and to raise money for your chosen charity

Here is how the challenge works.

  1. nominate three people to take the challenge
  2. inturn challenge them to nominate three more people
  3. declutter a room/area in their home
  4. place the items for sale on Facebook market place or choose another option if you prefer
  5. donate 50% of the money earned to a charity of your choice
  6. Donate unsold items to a drop off site of your choice (i.e. Good Will, Salvation Army, Cancer Society)
  7. post on your page or announce on Facebook live your chosen charity and that a donation has been made, keep the donation amount to yourself, it’s not important.

That’s it! Let’s make this go viral in time for the holidays!


Facebook’s instruction page on how to use Facebook Marketplace

Here are a few tips foe selling safely on Facebook Marketplace

  • Never give out personal information
  • Make all contact through Facebook Messenger
  • If selling locally make the sale  in a very public location, do not let a buyer come to your home.
  • Bring a friend to the delivery meeting
  • Listen to your gut, if you are nervous at all about the transaction, cancel.
  • Do some research for further safety tips.